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Welcome to our June 2014 newsletter for the Make Arma Not War contest. It’s been over a month since we’ve opened applications, which means it’s time for another update. Read on for an overview of all the latest Make Arma Not War developments!

Enlist Today

Now that you can apply for the Make Arma Not War contest, we’ve already seen more than 50 new entries. Of course we’re expecting many more, but you can already support your favorite ones. Browse through all of them at


As you probably know, it’s not yet possible to apply for the Addon category. This will be enabled once we’ve finalized the Arma 3 Steam Workshop implementation for mods. While we initially hoped to be able to roll out the first iteration of this feature at the end of May, we found that we will need some extra time for development. We're feeling quite certain the first iteration will be released in the beginning of July - please stand by for more details in the upcoming few weeks.

Third Party Content

With the first applications coming in, we’ve also seen a few issues with regards to Third Party Content. Third Party Content can be scripts, models, music, or simply trademarks. While we realize this can be quite complicated at times, we do ask every contestant to be extra careful whenever they make use of content which is not their own. Generally, make sure you have approval from the owner and/or check the license under which the content was published. If you have a question, and cannot find the answer in the MANW FAQ, we welcome you to contact us at While we can’t provide full legal assistance, we endeavor to respond to each question, so hopefully we don’t need to disqualify someone’s entry once the submission deadline has passed. Please do note that, ultimately, it is the contestant’s responsibility that Third Party Content is used correctly. That said, fortunately so far most contestants we've contacted have tried to fix their Third Party Content issues - and we're glad that the ideas of fair use and abiding to licenses is spreading within the community.

Health Care in Danger

It took a little longer than expected, but we’re proud to finally share our dedicated feature on the topic of Health Care in Danger. Published in the form of a video and written interview, we hope this answers the questions from contestants who are after the Health Care in Danger Special Award. If you want to know more, or have a specific question, you can also contact the ICRC via their @HCiDproject Twitter account.

Contest Milestone Rewards

To make the Contest Milestone Rewards a bit more accessible, we’ve decided to lower the barrier to becoming a Promoted Entry from 200 to 100 supporters. We’ve also decreased the number of supporters needed to be featured in social monthly round up, from 400 to 200 supporters. We’re still looking into adding a few more short-term rewards, which will hopefully further help and encourage developers and players to connect. For those who weren’t aware, supporting your first entry (while logged in with you BI Profile), gives a 30% discount voucher for Arma 3 plus a Make Arma Not War Supporter badge on the official Bohemia Interactive forums.

Anything else?

This month the Arma 3 team shared the first details of its 2014/2015 development roadmap, and how it’s going to handle premium DLC content, while preventing a split in the Arma 3 playerbase. Generally, the approach we're taking with premium content also benefits Make Arma Not War contestants, who can be certain that every Arma 3 player will have access to premium content one way or another. Not to mention, the first premium DLC, Arma 3 Karts, which is used to test this new approach, can be used for a lot of unconventional MANW entries!

We look forward to the next couple of months, and seeing how the entries will develop. For now we wish everyone the best of luck!

Korneel van ’t Land & Ivan Buchta
Bohemia Interactive

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