Make Arma Not War


by ALiVE Mod Team

ALiVE brings Arma 3 to life by simplifying the creation of dynamic, persistent and massive MP and SP campaigns. Simply place an ALiVE module into the Arma 3 mission editor and watch as an entire battlefield is simulated with potentially thousands of AI. ALiVE takes Arma 3 to the next level.



  • Massive FPS savings with thousands of AI simulated for large scale battlefield simulation.

  • Strategic AI commanders that intelligently select objectives and direct forces, calling in resupply and reinforcement as necessary

  • Complete mission persistence!

  • Revolutionary integrated web-based War Room for AAR, player and group tracking

  • Completely customisable via advanced editor modules

  • Player logistics system allowing FOB building and resupply

  • Combat Support system using rugged tablet including CAS, Artillery and Transport support

  • Command and Control systems including advanced markers and task and group management

  • Civilian population and transport systems

  • MP support including respawn, admin console, player tags and more

  • Full support for SP, MP, Zeus, custom unit and popular mods.

Technical Revolution & Innovation

  • ALiVE introduces Virtualized AI to ensure high FPS on server and client

  • ALiVE introduces Strategic AI that controls groups to achieve objectives across the whole battlefield

  • ALiVE provides a cloud based database with only online registration for setup

  • ALiVE streams in-game data to ALiVE War Room for player/group tracking


@ALIVE Requires CBA_A3

@ALiVEServer includes code from Arma2Net contributed by its author (Scott_NZ).

@ALiVEServer also includes the NewtonSoft.Json.dll a freely available open source .NET library for JSON.

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