Make Arma Not War


A total of €500,000 in prize money will be awarded to the winners of the Make Arma Not War contest.
Find out more about the prizes and categories.


Modification of the game delivering new context of gameplay and setting represented by an array of addons and playable content. Total modification can focus on any type of gameplay (not all possible gamemodes need to be delivered), genre or setting.

1st place - €200,000


Single-player game mode for Arma 3 in form of either a mission or a campaign composed of at least 2 missions, of any length, with any form and with focus on any aspect of gameplay. Entries must not require any third-party addons and must be fully playable in the unmodified standard version of Arma 3. If voice-acting, videos, addons or similar campaign-related files are included, they must be part of the campaign addon PBO.


Arma 3 multiplayer game mode (multiplayer mission). Only single instance (= 1 MP mission) of the game mode is allowed. The mission can use new addons (e.g. terrain, vehicles, weapons, scripts), but they must be submitted as part of the MP Game Mode.


Arma 3 addon providing the game with weapon, weapon attachment, vehicle, unit part, unit or any combination of the items mentioned in any extent. The addon must not require any third-party addons and must be fully playable in unmodified standard version of Arma 3, and its functionality must not depend on any other addon or modification.


Health Care in Danger Special Award

As part of their collaboration with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Bohemia Interactive will also be handing out the Health Care in Danger Special Award. Given to the entry which covers the topic of ‘health care in danger’ the best, the winner(s) will go on a one-week trip to an ICRC mission in a foreign country, organized by the ICRC.

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