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Who Dares Wins

by Icewolf_MK

Who Dares Wins is a campaign which revolves around rescuing 12 British soldiers who were taken hostage by militia on Altis. The campaign consists of 9 short missions, which covers helicopter, plane and UAV flying, vehicle driving, infantry combat and stealth movement. Inspired by actual events.


ARMA 3             
by Icewolf_MK      


The campaign data are stored in whodareswins.pbo file.
To play the campaign, copy this file into Campaigns
directory in your Arma 3 root directory
(e.g. steam/steamapps/commmon/Arma 3). If the Campaigns
directory does not exist, create it.


System requirements are the same as system requirements
of base Arma 3 game. To ensure compatibility, please
update your Arma 3 to version 1.24.125979 (latest version
as of 15th August 2014) or latest version currently available.

Campaign overview:

The campaign consists of 9 short missions, which focuses
on different aspects of gameplay. Estimated play time
is 1-2 hours.
The story of the campaign is inspired by Operation Barras,
which took place on 10th September 2000 in Sierra Leone
and was carried out by Special Air Service.

Feedback/Troubleshooting/General questions:

If you have any problems, want to provide feedback
or have any other questions, please contact me via
or via Bohemia Interactive forums (profile Icewolf_MK)




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