Make Arma Not War


by DIe Verbannten

Capital punishment had been abolished a few years earlier, but the replacement they thought up was even crueler. It was a journey without return that ended in gruesome death within days for most. But I will make it, I will survive and I will return – from the Island of the doomed.


The Island of the Doomed is a total revision of Arma 3 as you know it. You're banished  on an island with nothing but the clothes on your back. How will you survive? Use tools and weapons you've made to defend yourself or launch attacks. Improve your skills. The only items existing in the game are the ones created by players themselves. No items will be spawned.


  • custom map
  • completely new skill and crafting system
  • collect resources
  • custom weapons and tools

Stake a claim, build your own house and form a settlement with other players. The more players in the settlement, the more stuff you can make. Things like defense systems, or blast furnaces for building better tools and weapons – and markets to trade what you've created with other players.

You have to decide, do you want to cooperate with others – or be a lone wolf?

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