Make Arma Not War


The Great Altis Race

by Angel

Choose from several epic race courses that take you along the entire length and breadth of Altis, allowing you to see much of the beauty of the island whilst avoiding high-speed crashes, dodging enemy helicopters and of course defeating your competitors!



  • Choose from 10 epic courses to race, all of which will take you through a nice sightseeing tour of Altis... if you aren't too busy racing and crashing that is!
  • Choose what kind of weather and time of the day you wish to race in. Do you dare race at night in heavy fog? (Default is Clear)
  • Several Checkpoints will be along the route where players may respawn (once passed) and get new cars if they trash their last one! 
  • Various repair options including 'Arcade Mode' which will turn players and their cars invulnerable allowing you to race as recklessly as you like!
  • Dynamic civilian traffic can be expected along the way, possibly around that next corner... (can be disabled)
  • Force a first person lock when driving to make the race more difficult and realistic!
  • Watch for enemy AH-9 choppers along the course. They like to chase and shoot at racers! (can be disabled)

General Notes:

  • In order to select a different course to race or different weather/time/AI options, you must first select the Parameter button in the top right hand corner of the multiplayer setup lobby by an Admin/Host. Once selected, they cannot be changed until restart/mission completion.
  • There are no AI to race against, this is intended as a PvP race.
  • There are no rules, no starting pistol. Its each person for themselves or whatever collective rules you may wish to engage. The only objective is to win!



  • Random Weather v0.9 Script by Meatball
  • Player Markers v2.6 Script by aeroson
  • Enemy Occupation System v1.98 by BangaBob
  • Significant scripting help and contributions from Lala.

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