Make Arma Not War


by Adam Bullock

Arma 3 Cerberus is a total modification of Arma 3. Cerberus is a BAF orientated expansion with a new camapaign and MEDICAL SYSTEM. As well as this, Cerberus introduces a NEW AI System, Advanced Artificial Intelligence Commander (AAIC)...


Arma 3 Cerberus is a modification which adds to the content already in Arma 3. It adds addiitional factions, gameplay and mechanics to the game. Cerberus also includes a new campaign which the mod is based around. Bringing breath taking moments and heart felt sorrow to vivid characters that players will grow to love and to hate. Cerberus will also include a new Zeus based campaign where you will play the role of a NATO general and battle it out to gain control over the islands of Stratis and Altis. New MP missions will be introduced to expand the games online capabilities offering players endless hours of fun online. New SP missions will show off the games new mechanics such as a more enhanced medical system which will be compatible with the current user designed medical systems such as 'X-Med Systems' and the hopefully, soon to be release ACE3 Wounding System. Cerberus also provides a new 3-D editor which can be accessed from the Main Editor at the click of a button. The revolutionises the way mission designers can create their missions allowing from a greater control over object placement and a more streamlined workflow

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Bull (Project Lead)

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