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Sukhoi Su-22M4, Soviet attack aircraft

by teaCup

An exercise in nostalgia, the Sukhoi Su-22M4 is a robust ground attack aircraft, still flying with several air forces over the world. A swing-wing, third generation jet with interceptor pedigree, still flying and seeing action, more than 40 years after entering service.


There are 3 basic paint variants: olive drab, patterned camo of the Polish Air Force and a desert variant. There are also a number of markings available (serial numbers, roundels, logos) and mission makers can make their own markings and use setObjectTexture to display them.

The planes have high quality photorealistic textures, and are highly detailed, both the outside models and the cockpit. All the features one would expect from stock ArmA3 addons are present: animations, sounds, lights, weapons, working instrument panels, damage modeling, etc..



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