Make Arma Not War



by ZDROB Team

Total War is the competitive version of Total Warfare. Designed for veteran players, strong teamwork and individual skill make the difference. A list with differences can be found in the README file in the mission folder or on the ZDROB Team forum thread.



  • Cooperative behaviour between players is rewarded with Support Points which allow access to more dangerous and fun to play assets
  • Access to gear and vehicles is restricted by player role which means effective cooperation is needed to have a chance against more organized opponents


  • Players can quickly return into action thanks to multiple respawn points and battlefield insertion methods (forward bases, mobile HQs, squad rally points, revival by medics, parachute insertion, one-way teleportation to respawn points for JIP players)
  • Increased probability of engagements between many players due to a balanced size of the area of operation (only 2 sectors at any given time)


  • A large choice combined with restricted availability of infantry equipment and vehicles demand the right strategic and tactical decisions to achieve victory
  • Role based availability of infantry equipment and vehicles make skill an important ingredient for a successful organization
  • Join the 'ArmA 3 Total War' Steam group and fight every week with or against some of the best players from the ArmA 3 PvP community

Quick start instructions are available in the README.txt file inside the mission folder, also available on ZDROB Team's forum thread.


Graphic design and scripts are entirely created by ZDROB Team members. Some gameplay and scripting ideas may have been inspired by other multiplayer missions.

Apart ArmA 3 scripts all the rest are entirely developed by the ZDROB Team from scratch.

No addons needed. ArmA 1.32 is enough to play this mission.

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