Make Arma Not War


Combat Royale on Altis

by Darren Edmonds

Multiplayer Deathmatch mode for 1-80 players. 1 of 3 preset areas, each with 100 zones. 1 Safe zone and the others deteriorate over time. Red zones are lethal. Random bombing, AI units, Vehicles, 6 Weapons/Item crates randomly spawned. Gear up, hunt your prey and avoid being hunted yourself!


Deathmatch Mutiplayer for 1-80 players.

This is an extension to my previous mission (Combat Royale on Stratis).  3 zoned areas for host to choose from: Mountains, City or Costal City combat area. Mission is built for 1-80 human players with an optional 0-20 AI player units.  The AI units will hunt each other or human players, depending on whatever tracker marker is nearest to them.

Feature include:

  • Restriction zones in various states:
    • Blue - Permanent safe zone.
    • Green - Safe.
    • Yellow - Evacuation recommended.
    • Red - Restricted.
  • Random carpet bombing to add tension
  • Player tracking at Host defined intervals to prevent "camping" or hiding players.
  • 3 Crates spawned into map (paradropped) with random equipment, weapons and gear.
  • Special crate hidden in the Blue zone with various special weapons.
  • Vehicles (optional) to allow faster navigation over game area
  • Several paramters to allow host to customise the gameplay.
  • Top 5 players by kill UI scoreboard, includes AI units.
  • "Marked for death" top 3 players will be tracked every second.

No mods are required to run this, just vanilla Arma 3.  There are a few servers running this mission now, so filter for "Combat Royale" in the HOST field to find them and enjoy!


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