Make Arma Not War



by Stompem

A Single Player Mission Using The Arma 3 Editor And Consisting Of A Single mission.sqm File With No Dependencies. It Combines An Abrupt AI Combat Situation With Clear Objectives Requiring Bold Action, Stealthy Attacks And A Reasonable Level Of Command And Control To Carry Out Successfully.



NE of Ammolofi Bay

Camp is Guarded on Ground
Signs of Vehicular Activity
Covered by Long Range Artillery

Reach Rally Points and Join with Troops
Repell Attacking Ground Forces
Destroy Enemy Aircraft Boats and Armor
Secure Enemy Locations
Seek and Destroy Enemy Snipers

Starting early dawn, players find themselves immediately in the thick of things. Cover is essential as the scene opens during a fierce enemy bombardment. Shelling is concentrated on a nearby roadway as it's the only way for land based forces to approach the area but BLUFOR has inserted a substantial counter force of elite infantry via a small secluded cove, using the surrounding coastline as cover for an effective infil.

Creating a spearhead by reaching the first waypoint is No.1. On reaching the enemy side of the bay the situation changes. OPFOR's long range artillery barrage becomes dangerous to their own men. BLUFOR has a reduced force and faces an enemy entrenched atop a low hillside.

The mission experience now changes from chaotic battle, to one of tactics. Taking the hill is paramount and from there the skirmish continues down a winding road littered with enemy nests, leading to the final enemy stronghold and mission conclusion.

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