Make Arma Not War



Welcome to the island “the lost isles”, we offer a fantastic new role play environment for everybody to enjoy, but before we begin telling you what it’s about why not take a look at our facebook page and see what work is being done.


 the “lost isles” is located off altis far on the west coast, the lost isles is a formation of seven tropical coastal islands, “Moggadishu, Yuukatan, Armanio, Diverski, Morfunnia, Monuriki, Hotan” the main island “Moggadishu” is comparable to the size of stratis, it will also contain the main city yet to be named, it will also house all the main necessities, the same island will also include a smaller town, this will be the island that will focus on legitimate jobs such as legitimate businesses, fishing, gathering food, buying clothing, buy/selling cars.
 the island “Yuukatan” will be the island that focuses on less legal activities, it will include activities such as being a drugs baron, being an arms dealer, gangs, and all other sort of illegal activities you can think about, it’s your place to go if the normal way of “life” is beginning to bore you
 Of Course there’s also for the people who choose not to go off the straight path!

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