Make Arma Not War


by Blitzsturm

Task Force Commander is a Zeus-inspired, Real-Time Strategy Modification for Arma 3. Create, customize, and maintain your own persistent Task Force, and deploy them to the battlefield to fight other factions for control of the island.


Task Force Management

  • Earn Requisition Points on the battlefield to purchase squads, vehicles, and aircraft to customize your Battalion.
  • Construct and manage your Task Force using a separate management interface in the main menu before taking them into battle.
  • Choose from a variety of units and focus on filling a specific role to play cooperatively with other players (Armor, Airborne, Engineers, Medical, Supply, etc.), or build to fill multiple roles and be better prepared to handle the battlefield situation on your own.
  • Manage your Task Force's Supply Depot to make sure your men have everything they need. [UPCOMING FEATURE]


  • Units are deployed to the island via deployment zones and must travel to their objectives, vs. traditional RTS factory and unit building methods.
  • Soldier health and Vehicle conditions are persistent. If they are destroyed or fall on the battlefield, they must be reinforced or replaced from the resources you have available.
  • Squads will earn experience through combat. The more they fight, the more effective and responsive they become during combat situations. [UPCOMING FEATURE]
  • How hard your soldiers fight and how well they follow your orders also depends on their morale. Fatigue, Victories/Losses, and the behavior of Command Groups will have an effect on this. [UPCOMING FEATURE]

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