Make Arma Not War


by Xeno

In this Coop mission your goal is it to free randomly picked targets (up to 34) from all enemy forces. Resolving side missions will get you better vehicles (tanks, helicopters, planes).


Game mode: MP, Coop 1-40 players 
Addon's required: None 
Side: Blufor 
Features: Revive, AI, Ranked version and many more 

  • Up to 34 randomly picked main targets
  • 75 side missions 
  • Custom made revive 
  • Dynamic weather 
  • Many parameters can be changed by an admin in the server lobby (enable AI version or ranked version for example) 
  • Ammo boxes can be loaded into some vehicles (Ammo point at base) 
  • Uses MHQs for respawn (once deployed) and other features like UAV access
  • Teleport from one deployed MHQ to another 
  • Vehicles can be lifted by the lift chopper (MHQs for examples) 
  • Some wrecks can be lifted by the wreck lift chopper and can get repaired at the wreck point at base 
  • Uses BIS Virtual Arsenal for ammo boxes 
  • Parajump from main targets (once cleared) 
  • Engineers can repair and refuel damaged vehicles (needs Toolkit) 
  • Engineers can load static weapons into engineer trucks 
  • Artillery operators can mark artillery targets with a laser designator and can call in artillery strikes 
  • Team leaders of Alpha, Charlie and Echo can also mark artillery targets and they can call in air drops 
  • Mission dialog to change viewdistance, gras, etc. 
  • Squad management dialog 

and lots of features more... 


The mission uses only content developed by Bohemia Interactive Studio.

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