Make Arma Not War


(SP] Hitman Mission

by [FR] Helios

This mission is a tribute to Hitman video game. Play solo or with a friend for complete a important contract for your client. Watch, wait and found the best way to kill your targets... (Seven missions available currently on my steam workshop)



- Speciales forces mode
- Multi possibilities to kill your target
- Silent Kill possibility (Inject poison near targets)
- Disguise system (Two disguise side: CSAT Army and Civilian Worker)
- Hide body system
- Holster pistol system
- Safe area where it have guests
- Nametag on targets for best identification
- Great atmosphere overall
- Cinematic introduction
- Music ambiant
- Choose time day (default: night)
- Solo or cooperation mission
- No respawn, it's a professional contract
- English mission but it have very few texts

- Post-Prod by Helios
- Holster script by Arctor
- Disguise script assist by SaOK[FIN]
- Downlad data from a laptop script by T-800a
- Nametag script by JTS

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