Make Arma Not War


RPG addon

by burkhar

RPG addon is a pack of some role playing games features for ARMA 3. It is more likely designated for mission makers than players as it adds only core functionality.


SITREP (2355 - 5 mins to deadline):

  • There is no time for further testing. Sample mission and addon is provided, but expect some limitations.
  • Download it, use it, study config.cpp, study the functions and you will at least deeply understand some building related stuff (locking door, unlocking it and related stuff)
  • Clever content creators may benefit by examining my code.
  • Incoplete init.sqf with spare comments. And readme.txt!
  • Code is not properly debugged. You can modify that. You can everything. And let me know.
  • My priority is True Story of Infection, revolutionary RPG mod, which will be launched soon for testing. This entry are just a few somewhat tested features I use in it.

List of features (may be subject to change)

  • Some basic items + actions related to them
  • Locking / unlocking building door
  • Lockpicking (item based)

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