Make Arma Not War


by Zapat

Playing Arma 3 is about freedom. The Black Rain Project is about taking this freedom to new levels. WARNING! This is a non-handholding, open world mission. You will have to read a bit and start travelling.


EPIC CAMPAIGN COMING SOON (Before last weekend)
Sorry for the delay, but I hope it will be worth the wait!

Visit the homepage of BRP, since there are more features than place here.
(eg. the Get Tactical Interface as a separate addon)

Playing Arma 3 is about freedom and depth
The GetTactical Interface is about taking these to new levels
The Black Rain Project is about taking these even further

With a single keypress YOU can decide if you play:

  •  full-fledged top-down tactical RTS (with a lot of features.),
  • your well-known FPS,
  • or the hybrid of the two

WITH the following FEATURES

  • Units with varied RPG-like feats(with 24 totally different types)
  • Populated, diverse, hostile, open world
  • a non-handholding dynamic mission
  • Real FastTravel (and not teleportation)
  • Weather affected survival elements
  • Integrated team gear system
  • Integrated revive
  • And more.

"Not gonna lie. This looks fucking amazing." MacScottie
"Love this project: this solves exactly why I stop playing ARMA..." Daabear
"GetTactical makes Arma a whole new game for me....a thinking game." - sttosin

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