Make Arma Not War


Stance adjustment modification

by Igitur

This addon is an overhaul of the game's default stance adjustment mechanism. It adds two new temporary modes to the default (persistent) game mode, and lets the player enter the adjusted stances on the move, dynamically. The leaning stances are processed as well.




Version : 3.1

Author : Igitur

Requirements : ArmA3 + CBA.

Link :


Usage : Hold your 'Adjust' modifier and press either 'C', 'V' or 'B' to switch from one mode to the other.

'C' (persistent mode : the original game mode),
'V' (semi-temporary mode : horizontal adjustments are temporary, vertical adjustments remain permanent),
'B' (full-temporary mode : horizontal and vertical adjustments are temporary).

Use the leaning keys with (or instead of) the WASD keys for a leaning stance adjustment.

Hint : if you bind the Adjust function to one of your mouse buttons, you can relock your stance even faster by releasing the button before the stance is fully entered. This is not a coded feature, but it happened to work that way and proved to be handy.


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