Make Arma Not War


TDM Arena

by [GSC] XianGriM

A Unique TDM styled Arena - Random Cover System - One-of-a-kind Player Entrance


4 teams face off against one another. Each team has its own protected spawn area. Once geared, players are able to Launch into battle, complete with an awesome explosion, literally tossing the player up into the air and into the Arena. The Arena itself its filled with both static and randomized cover.

The cover system will never be the same each time. Using both probability and presence factors, you never have to worry about someone learning all the kill points in the map. Every restart results in a complete shuffle of those items.


Current bugs being worked out:

  • Scoring system for all 4 teams

Future features we plan to add:

  • Some type of streak rewards (think Perks from CoD)
  • Ability to use an attack helicopter for a brief time (60 seconds)
  • More unique cover
  • Random Silly Events (Raining cars?)

The idea behind this came from the fact that Arma 3 in most cases is NOT a game you can just pick up, play for a 10-15minutes and get something done. We also didn't want a map where the designer knew where all the "sweet spots" were. So we decided to make it as random as possible. Still Squad based, still can use Teamwork to own the map. But its much more fast-paced and easier to just pick up and play.


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