Make Arma Not War


The White Silk Of Thanatos

by Félix Catala

A story based campaign designed like a movie. Immerse yourself in the heart of an exciting investigation at the border of the supernatural.


A long time ago, a thick fog descended upon Altis in a few minutes. When the fog lifted, there wasn't a living soul left on the island. It is said that in this fog hides an army of ghosts, the army of darkness. This cursed fog goes by the name of White silk of Thanatos.

You are Sergeant Mike Williams of NATO in charge of Orwell's security. A reporter came from the continent in order to collect evidences about crimes committed against civilians.
Some people believe that these are warcrimes while others fear the old Altien legend.

A singleplayer Campaign :

  • A movie scenario
  • Characters with custom voices
  • Original Soundtrack
  • Cutscenes

A Campaign featuring 8 missions.

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