Make Arma Not War


by X39

"X39s Medical System 2" (XMS2) is the sequel to the successful MedicalMod:"X39s Medical System 1"(XMedSys). Its main focus is a more plausible medical system which is even more diverse than its predecessor! Just like XMedSys, XMS2 will be highly configurable and modable using various script events



Important Links:
    BI-Forum Thread

Actual Information:
    Hello dear reader,
    you are currently probably asking yourself "THE FUCK IS XMS2 Oo"
    Well ...
    XMS2 is an attempt to create a flexible & realistic medical simulation for ArmA 3.
    XMS2s flexibility is archived by tons of variables you can change in the serverconfig file and the realism is archived by ACTUAL simulation of everything
    THX to the flexibility of the modification, XMS2 fits into everyones needs
    XMS2 also tries to give the endusers ways to change the behaviour of the mod during the gameplay or even to extend the simulation.
    But yeah ...
    im not that good in writing OMG_HEAVY_ADVERTISING texts ^^ so please visit the BI-Forum thread & test the mod by yourself


@XLib <-- Not really a third party mod ... its also my own modification but kept seperated due the fact that it is considered as generic libary providing features like ingame configuration etc.

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