Make Arma Not War


A3 Zulu-Zed

by cisus

How it would be to live after a zombie apocalypse. Begin life, in a persistent world, as a civilian within a currently available safe haven town, complete jobs to increase(or decrease) your rating with each town individually, gaining access to new roles and income to fight the infestation.



  • New towns constantly under the threat of attack by flooding zombies from any other towns which are currently completely over-run/infested.
  • Jobs and actions modify your rating within each town individually, opening new roles, positions of authority(infested clean-up, deliveries, police, etc.) and forms of income.
  • A.I. Police can be purchased and put into place to roam the streets of cleared and established safe haven towns; they will protect shops, citizen's buildings and homes from spotted intrusions and/or respond to active alarm systems.
  • (Almost) Every thing is persistent for players from vehicles, weapons, load outs, houses(and gear on floor within them) and setup AI(police, guards and shops) to your zombified corpse with all the gear from your previous life wandering the world for flesh.
  • Default map is Altis, but setup to hopefully be plug-and-play with any maps(if not plug-and-play, then easily configurable).
  • All of this and more in some of the most optimized code you are likely to have ever seen(basing this on the number of scripts I've worked with in the past and have re-written for speed and/or bug fixes, in major ways, on top of all the custom content I have generated for my self and friends in Arma II & III; always with speed in mind).

About the Author

Until recently I was only working on this A3 scripting project part-time, since I am currently in the process of developing my own, still not officially announced, 3d game. I have decided to put that on pause for the next month to focus on this contest, but I plan to have a kickstarter up for it as soon as I complete Zulu-Zed and wrap up my own game's downloadable demo. I have been scripting and programming for well over 15 years; every thing from PHP/MySQL databse construction, network communications for and between multiple platforms to 2d and 3d game proto-types in languages from JavaScript, AS3 to Java, C#, C++, Python, Assembly and more.

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