Make Arma Not War



by MajorExperiMental

FCSP = Frontline Commander Strategy Playground-mission concept. Complete the tasks creatively without civilians getting killed! After mission accomplished; analyse the outcome and experiment in the next round with new parameters and strategies. This COOP-mission work also as SP but using MP-browser.


In FCSP-missions the ADVENTURE are central but strategy and clear mission goals are important as well. In the different rounds explore different mixes of combined arm's and test different roles for your own team. To get a full picture of the concept and list of technical features; please read the text on the Workshop page or Facebook page (links above).

### BRIEFING: This mission starts with an emergency alarm and intel says there are indications that Opfor has started an invasion campaign of Altis: The information is indefinite but hints that one ore more huge tank clusters and infantry probably has being landed somewhere on the island and steaming fast against the airport meaning recon from air is central. Protect the airport and the civilians there. Find and stop those Opfor units! NOTE: There is a risk Opfor has forced civilians to follow their attack as human shield - AVOID HIT THOSE CIVILIANS!
Note: If a certain amount of civilians dies the mission will be classified as failure meaning the round will aborted.

### STRATEGY HINT: This mission is based on aerial recon since the Opfor units can be anywhere on the island. After founding the targets experiment with various methods of stopping the attack. Air-to-ground may be the basic strategy but there are many combined arms possibilities at the same time things can be complicated since Opfor will get air-force support.

MISSION DURATION: About 0,5 to 1,5 hours


Scripts and some other special coding solutions are in high degree created by or with help from SaOk since I had not much coding experience from start. Example:
- The weather.sqf is by SaOk after some chatting what I was looking for. Minor tweaking by me.
- The scripts onplayerrespawn.sqf and onPlayerKilled.sqf is by SaOk after chatting about the concept on how I wished the spawn system should work. Basically the player respawn at random location within a certain area relative to the location of death. The concept is about not totally interrupt game flow and the feel of progress when dying but still get a cost of loss of custom weapons and the last progress.

I also wished the player to spawn at certain distance from the enemy. If dying in water the respawn should happen on nearest land. There are two scripts; one for on ground deaths and one for in air vehicle deaths to prevent “crash insertation” in hot areas. Tweaking by me.

Virtual Ammobox System by Tonic; Downloaded from

The rest of coding solutions are created using forums and Youtube.

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