Make Arma Not War


[TFD5] Domination Test

by (TFD5) Knight

This is a elite team of highly trained members. Over two years only 3 people have remained. I run a tight ship and train the guys from my military experience. Nothing more important than survival and teamwork. Please consider of for beta team or competitions. I am training to compete.


Lead by a U.S. ARMY Infantry VET of Operation Enduring Freedom '09-'10

Watch the NYT Documentary for my deployment footage and see my unit's story.

I am Stevenson in the documentary, just click link below and watch "A YEAR AT WAR" 


We strive to take ARMA3 to the most realistic gameplay possible. Because of our leadership we are able to teach young and old about military life in general.

Hoping things taught here will ease future military careers for our youth. #FutureHeros

Real military Issues & And lifesytles being shared. #VOLUNTEERS

Teamwork and Patience are 2 factors that make or break a TFD5 Arma3 member.

Leadership roles are given to those who are trustworthy, and want to make a difference here.

To make sure they understand they're importance they are honored on the main page here for all visitors to recognize.

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