Make Arma Not War


Letters to Kate

by Feuerex

Kate recieved three letters from her husband Gavin, a NATO soldier on a mission in Altis, Greece. As she reads them, she discovers what happened to her beloved one...


This single-player experience expands the borders of Arma's world beyond a simple military simulator. Not only a mission. A story. A life. 


Follow the story of Gavin, a soldier on a mission, live his story and influence it's outcome as you see fit. This mission, filled with original and new ideas and concepts, isn't a simple battlefield. It tells the story of a NATO soldier in an inovative and entertaining way. Many small details, including numerous objects around the map, subtle sounds and effects, or different notes and texts, were carefully placed on the map to offer you the best possible experience.

The mission includes:

 - Sabotage-style mission with increasing, but not impossible difficulty

 - Many interesting techniques and concepts that aren't commonly used in missions

 - A developing story of the main protagonist, that wraps the gameplay in a nice overall experience

 - Hidden secrets and cheats that can entertain those who play the mission for multiple times

And much more! Find out all the secrets of this piece of work for yourself.

Make sure to check the author's Youtube channel for Behind the scenes videos, tutorials, and secrets, that will be gradually uploaded in the near future.

Installation process is really easy, just click the Subscribe in the Steam Workshop, open Arma 3 and select the mission in the Scenarios screen.

Have a great day!


'Bell Meditation' and 'Paper crumpled' sound effects from, both used under the Creative Commons 0 license (Public domain)

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