Make Arma Not War


Doctrine Wars

by Smart Tactics Team

Doctrine Wars is a TvT Gamemode with different doctrines to choose before every mission start. Each doctrine has different abilities like - air transport ,armored vehicles or recon drones. Both teams have to capture and hold locations on the map.


Doctrine Wars

At the beginning of the mission the team has to vote a doctrine. The available vehicles and player classes depent on the voted doctrine. You can chosse between five doctrines.


  • Recon
  1. Scout team
  2. Sabotage team
  3. Recon drone ( controlled by commander )
  • Armored
  1.  Two armored vehicles
  • Mechanized
  1.  Two light armored vehicles
  • Air transport
  1.  Two helicopters
  2.  Fast supplies via airdrop
  • Heavy weapons
  1. One additional mg team
  2. Mortars
  3. More ammo via airdrop


  • 1 Commander
  • 3 Riflesquads
  • 1 Pioneer team
  • 1 Antitank team
  • 1 Vehiclecrew team
  • 2 doctrine teams ( Saboteur, Scouts, Heavy weapons, ...)

The commander can call ammo airdrops and smoke screens. The enemies spotted by the recon drone are only visible for the commander on the map. He has to coordinate his teams an set up markers.

Pioneers can set up F.O.B.s for a mobile respawn and each Squadleader can set up mobile respawn point if no enemies are nearby.

Wounded players can be revived if their teammates have first aid kits.

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