Make Arma Not War


Sector Assault - Syrta

by Peter Harrington

Your objective is to capture Syrta and secure the downed Blackfoot that has crashed in the center of town. Be warned though, the enemy has been sighted in the AO and are tasked with the same objective. You must succeed, the encryption keys contained in the helicopter are too valuable to lose!


This is a PvP sector control mission that I created to provide a simple repeatable mission that can be used to help train new players and be an enjoyable challenge for more experienced ones. Time and weather can be set in the preference tab to provide an extra twist. Weapons, vehicles and equipment spawn at the base over time, escalating the conflict as time goes on.


Features at a glance:

  • Competitive PvP - Sector Control.

  • Adjustable time of day and weather.

  • Both infantry and vehicular combat.

  • A variety of weapons and equipment to use.

  • Medium and close range engagements.


This is the prototype mission, that I plan to use as a pattern to make a series, with larger, more varied maps, bigger teams and more assets to play with. I am also planning to add a small amount of voice acting (to alert the players of new equipment) and custom textures (for the Offroads).



No addons or mods are required.

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