Make Arma Not War


Altis Royale

by / terence

Fight against other players in this Battle Royale/Hunger Games style showdown. Parachuting from a helicopter to find loot that is plentifully scattered in many buildings across the playable fighting area. Be warned, the playing area shrinks with time.


Ideal for a group of friends to host and play together, once you get around 10 people others will tend to pour in.

Uses only vanilla assets. This makes it very easy to install and share, and makes it more accessible to players with all internet types.

You will parachute into a constantly shrinking zone so be sure to check your map to ensure you stay in the safe area. The safe area will stop it surrounds the city of Rodopoli. However, shortly after the city will start to destruct building by building. So don't sit in around hoping to win!

Player kills, deaths, injuries all have unique events attached to them, tailored for this specific multiplayer scenario.

In-game grouping system for players who wish to team up.

There is a cache marked on the map and with red smoke grenades (or flares, depending on the time of day) which you can risk gearing up at. Alternatively, you can just forage buildings to be on the safe side.

Lootable items which are classified by area/building type.

Worked on almost everyday, listening to community members for feedback and discussing what should/shouldn't exist within the scenario.

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