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Strategema "Assault"

by Felix Ceasarius Jochims

Strategema is an action oriented assault game mode with one team defending and one team attacking consecutive target areas. Players may pick up and use "toolbags" to build predefined vehicles or structures to improve their team's chances in battle and spend earned € to imporve their gear.


Strategema "Assault" is an action oriented assault game mode with one team attacking and one team defending one or more consecutive (only one at a time) objectives. This straight forward map design leads to a lot of action emerging quickly that does not decay until the game is lost or won (or bugs out). Use toolbags to create forwarded spawn points, additional cover, static weapon positions or spend them to build supports vehicles who in turn can be used to build light and armoured vehicles. Gain € by engaging enemies, taking objectives or supporting your team and spend them to improve your own gear.

The main goal for the attackers is to take the objective before the timer is up (~13mins). Every time the attackers take an objective additional time is added to the timer (~7min) and the defenders fall back to the next objective until the last objective was taken.

In the provided showcase scenario for 32 players a match takes about 20 - 35 minutes. However Strategema "Assault" has been developed for you to created your own maps and build even more epic battles that may last for hours. Create endless supply lines that may even use helicopters that deliver cargo to build armour. Make use of the convoy mode* to give a reason for players to play as a support-team and build military bases that can be constructed by the players.

Learn how to create your own maps in the video i'll upload in November.

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