Make Arma Not War


by John

Space engine for arma3.


  • Real scales of space (diameter of the Earth = 12 742 000m , distance from the Earth to the Moon = 384 467 000m and etc.). Any space object and planet have position in space with an precision 0.1mm.
  • Unlimited view distance of planets
  • Ability to fly into space from current land (for example stratis) or to landing, in real time without loading
  • Ability to fly from one land (for exmplae Stratis) and landing to another land (for example Altis). In future patches also to chernarus, seatle, moon, mars, and others existing and new arma's maps.
  •  ! Ability to walking inside space plane (current version) and big space ship (future versions),  when you are in space, even when the plane is flying or maneurous.
  • Planets of sol system
  • Dynamically texture loading for planets
  • Fast c++ code

This addon is a start point to creating big total modification. More details later.

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