Make Arma Not War


by BWMod Team

The BWMod aims to supply the Arma 3 community with high-quality vehicles and weapons used by the German army in 2020-2030. It is already released and stable and currently contains the Puma IFV, the Leopard 2 MBT and various infantry weapons and other gear.




  • ​IFV Puma
  • MBT Leopard 2A6M


  • G36(K) IdZ-ES + AG40-2 underslung grenade launcher
  • MG4
  • MG5
  • G28 (DMR)
  • G82 (M107)
  • MP7
  • Panzerfaust 3
  • RGW 90
  • Fliegerfaust 2 (Stinger)

​and more!


  • ZO 4x30 w/ RSAS
  • RSAS
  • Micro-T1 Aimpoint
  • Shortdot 1-8x
  • 3-20x50 PMII w/ Micro-T1
  • 6-24x72
  • Attachable NVG and TI addons for various optics


  • Vector IV
  • Navipad GPS Receiver
  • IdZ-ES Vest in various configurations (Rifleman, Medic etc.)
  • OpsCore Helmet (incl. helmet cam viewable using the Navipad)
  • Crewman KSK Helmet

and more!



In addition to the pure content, the BWMod also comes with some additional features. These include

  • Rear-view cameras
  • Extractable PIP mirrors
  • High-detail and dynamic 2D interiors
  • Randomized license plates, vehicle accessories (camo nets etc.) and NATO symbols
  • MUSS soft-kill system for the Puma

All of the keybinds for these features can be adjusted in a custom options menu. These functions are also explained, in-detail, in the in-game field manual.

The BWMod requires CBA

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