Make Arma Not War


by VeteranMOD

VTN is a modern battlefield, including the real equipment, real armaments, real environment. The best way to fight. The shortest way to win.


VeteranMOD is designed primarily to demonstrate new and reviewed features of the game, as well as the general direction of our work. It includes:

  • system for equiping units, which includes body armor, universal transport vests, helmets, hats and much more
  • extended injuries system and first aid
  • infantry units for the BLUE4 and RED4 - U.S. Marine Corps and Russian Army Mechanized Infantry (RF MI), appropriate firearms both sides
  • RF MI Reconnaissance units
  • Irregular units, militias varied firearms
  • reworked sounds for small arms
  • the opportunity to interact with other players in MP
  • advanced simulation of fragments for hand grenades, RPGs and HE rounds
  • backblast simulation for RPGs, MANPADS and handheld ATGMs
  • resting of weapons with bipods
  • a new types of weapon crates
  • new animations
  • reworked visual FX

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