Make Arma Not War


by RonhillUltra

New post apocalyptic map with various custom buildings and objects.


Backstory - Mining operations led to breaching very delicate ancient (microscopic) eko system. New kind of parasite emerged. Attaching to its host, evolving to human nervous system. Producing drugs that administrates in the brain, affecting human host behavior. After stage 3 of infection it turned anyone infected into murderous psychotic, reports of cannibalism came in, but parasite didn't affect thier ability to reason and logic, infected appear fine and were unable to be recognized without proper eqiupment. 

NOTE: This entry was changed from the Uninvited mod to just Esseker map addon. 

Since there is a lot more work than anticipated and I would like to implement a lot of custom buildings and sites. We just won't have the time to finish the entire mod and the map by the end of this competition. We will focus on bringing just the new  map. We want to do bring interesting deserted atmosphere that will be suitable for post apocalyptic scenarios and mods.

After competition we will focus on mod that this map is designed for. It has its own backstory, open world multiplayer, we will have rewarding map exploration, presistant items, survival (no zombies).

I will post new ingame screenshots soon. ( current one is very early terrain test)

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