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Forward Edge of the Battle Area

by caliban55

Forward Edge of the Battle Area (FEBA) is a multiplayer COOP mission for up to 56 players, currently configured for the Altis world island.


Forward Edge of the Battle Area (in short FEBA) offers a highly dynamic and versatile multiplayer experience for up to 56 players. The mission can be categorized as tactical/military simulation based, putting a heavy focus on teamplay/teamwork and interaction of teams/players. A randomly generated Battle Area on mission start together with a wide range on options that can be used by players to successfully win the mission offers a long-term challenge. The option to further customize the mission through many mission parameters allows the adaption for communities and players needs, or preferences.

Requirements: FEBA must be run on a dedicated server - a server-client will not work correctly!

Some of the features that FEBA offers:

  • Tactical support in the form of: Artillery, Orbital kinetic harpoons, Aerial, Drone (UAV/UGV)
  • Logistic support (supply requests)
  • Equipment system, virtual arsenal
  • Engineer support (FARP, engineer build capability)
  • AI transport and extraction
  • Revive
  • Vehicle service (Rearm, Refuel, Repair)
  • Air Traffic Controller slot
  • High Commander
  • Military free fall
  • Vehicle access management
  • HQ mission assignments

FEBA also offers a help section in the Field Manual, where many of the functions are explained and which should be a first stop for anyone new to the mission.

Latest version: feba_v1-051_coop56_arma3.Altis.pbo

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