Make Arma Not War



by Cotiga Andrei

What the players are used to see in "Arma 3", is our primary goal. Game play is situate in imaginary time, some time after 6103 years after the last great war, when the humanity was forced to take cover underground.




Short description:

                          Entire modification brought to the characters, terrain, weapons, constructions, and gameplay in case of need.

Short information:

                         We had in mind to build the modification for multiplayer game play and we tought to add some type of campain to guide the new players thru until the person get used to the gameplay in order to learn the posibilities of the fight.

Usualy, comon "Arma 3" player look for the regulary thing such as team play, strategies and such, so in order to acomplys the needs of the person or persons that play the game, we took the consideration to start in asemble from ideas brought from our Game that is" development stage" and took our time to design someting similar as our own game, indie developers.

Goals in the same time, are the same as people that play as casual gammer and that is to enjoy the software provided.

Cotiga Andrei


The name of the game itself come form Omega readed back way and writed.

About Ourselfs:

We started to develop a total modification and register for "make arma not war contest". What the players are used to see in "Arma 3", is as our primary goal as guide line for a good game base.


Main mision and why we are here :

Raising founds in the same time for our own game that is in develop stage, but in the same time we are glad to assamble someting that needs pacience.

A chance to see how someting similar to this can take the public eyes.

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