Make Arma Not War


by Super-truite, Make Love Not War

ArmAGeddon is a cooperative scenario in which your goal is to flee Altis with your teammates. The Island is occupied by CSAT forces and the apocalypse has begun. Find your way out of this pickle before the complete submersion of Altis.


This is a COOP MP game mode in which you and your teammates are lost on a CSAT occupied Altis. 
Your goal is to flee the Island by stealing a boat or helicopter to the enemy forces. As if CSAT's were not enough of a problem, the Apocalypse has begun and you progress on a sinking island, spammed by meteors with awful weather conditions. Will you be fast enough to steal a vehicle before the water washes out Altis from all Life and careful enough to not end up killed by the fleeing CSAT army? This compromise is the core of the gameplay and leads to a fresh and original experience of multiplayer in the Armaverse. 

Dev: Super-truite and Make Love Not War

To play the mission, you need to download the addon: 
For server admins, please get the mission from armaholic in order to get the server keys:
You can also play the mission in local multiplayer by simply suscribing to the mission on the steam workshop.





The addon contains royalty free sounds from

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