Make Arma Not War


by swatSTEAM

This system fully changes the BIS's marker system.



1) Simple and easy-to-use interface, which is also fully customizable.
2) All changes are saved in your profile.
3) All interface elements are clickable and have hotkeys if needed.
4) Easy change of type, colour, direction, size and channel of the marker.
5) Ability to quickly place markers without opening/closing interface.
6) Ability to save markers placed on the map and load them in other missions.
7) Automatic route drawing. (Wip)
8) Ability to enable/disable some functions of this add-on in map maker settings.
9) Unique maps module: each unit has its own map with specific markers placed. A unit can pick up a dropped map and see the markers of the map owner, but they are not updating. (Wip)
10) English and Russian languages.
11) Tested with more than 175 players on Weekly Open Games.
Download latest version (1.2):
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