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The Altians: Revolution

by The Altians: Revolution Dev-Team

The Altians: Revolution is an addon-free role-playing game-mode for Arma 3. The Altians: Revolution is packed with novel features and game-play that avoid mimicking the existing role-playing game-modes in order to provide fresh and fun experience for players.


  • Addon-free (hassle-free) multiplayer role-playing game-mode with two factions: civilians and the police force
  • Completely new game-mode made from scratch in terms of both scripting and game-play
  • Fast-paced and dynamic game-play combined with platform-like structure: each round will be a new experience ― you won’t get bored ever again!
  • Major in-game optimizations and tweaks resulting in both beautiful and immersive experience and remarkable performance boost in-game
  • End condition in game-play ― civilians have to complete revolution in order to win the round!
  • High quality administration tools and anti-cheat system to help the administrators to keep the game clean and fun for everyone
  • ...and much, much more!

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