Make Arma Not War


Hex Warfare

by Squeeze

Hexagon Based CTI - Warfare 15v15 MP-AI mission. Based on strategy Board Games played on a Hexagonal Grid. Fight for Money, Iron, Oil and Food to win the Respect of the Civilians and Final Conquest.


Hex Warfare attemps to Take CTI in a different Direrction.
Everything you know about crCTI I've tried to do in a different way.

  • Each Hexagon has Resource that makes up a income,
    Money to buy
    Iron to build, only found on Land
    Oil to keep your Vehicles running, only found at sea
    Food to keep Stamina at %100
  • No Base to destroy, just a Base hex to defend
  • Can only Capture Hexs Adjacent to owned Hexs making a true Front line style on warfare.
  • Hexs cut off from Base get turned over to Enemy,.... LandGrab
  • Town Areas store Resources, plundered if conquered by enemy
  • Commander orders all AI on Server and players AI.
  • Custom made units
  • Custom color adjustments
  • All Unit, Weapons and Vehicle prices based on BIS configs



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