Make Arma Not War


by penneyfour

Realistic AI Aircraft (fixed wing) ground movement and air traffic for Altis.


All six (6) Altis airports now have working AI traffic with realistic flight plans, ground service, embellished engine sounds (ie. spool-up, taxi, departure), taxi queues and taxi priority, hold-short at runway, departure, landing, and go-around. 


  • Core Function: Dynamic aircraft activity at each Altis airport
  • At Mission Start: Empty aircraft placed at spawnpoints are assigned AI pilots
  • Ground Support: Yes
  • Flight Plan (VFR): Yes, 2 preset flight plans in alpha version
  • ATC: No, but maybe in future versions
  • Engine Start Sound: Embellished depending upon aircraft type
  • Engine Taxi Sound: Embellished depending upon aircraft type
  • Engine Departure Sound: Embellished depending upon aircraft type
  • AI Taxi Priority: Yes, currently first spawn, first depart
  • AI Taxi for Departure: Yes, taxi from all hangars and ramps
  • Hold on Taxiway: Yes, primary taxiway has priority
  • Taxiing Aircraft Cue: No need to address, not a problem
  • Hold short at Runway: Yes
  • Departure Direction: No, only one direction per airport
  • Departure: Yes, departure from all 6 Altis airports
  • Approach for Landing: Yes
  • Visual Landing Aids: Added "ALS" lights
  • Go Around: Yes
  • Landing: landing at all 6 Altis airports
  • Recovery to Ramp: Not in Alpha Version

Minor Functions:

  • function: repetitive_cleanup code AUthor: aeroson
  • function: Crater Cleaner code Author: -=XTRA=- tox1m

No other 3rd Party Add-0ns or Software Required:

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