Make Arma Not War



by Helio

The Hammerfall Coop Campaign consists of several missions that are designed to focus on teamwork between player teams, freedom of choice for strategic planning and a great immersive atmosphere for your coop experience for up to 12 players!


This is the first mission of the Hammerfall Coop-Campaign

It supports up to 12 players and does not require any mods.


NATO forces prepare to conquer Stratis, and you are tasked to operate behind enemy lines and destroy strategic targets in the CSAT defences.


Players will work in 2 teams and meet on a small island near Kamino.
How you progress and fulfill the mission targets is completely up to you. There are several optional tasks that might help you a lot for the rest of the mission, so make sure you carefully plan your advancement,

All details and locations can be found in the detailed briefing!
Tasks and intel may be updated during the mission if necessary.

future additions/ WIP:
-fully voiced radio transmissions

Please note: I strongly recommend to use a revive addon of your choice! Since there is a wide variety and everyone prefers another system + due to the terms of this contest, I did not include a fixed one into this mission!
You can, however, find a version of all campaign-missions in my workshop that come with a pre-set revive script: Hammerfall Coop-Campaign (Revive)

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