Make Arma Not War


by Aussie

Australia 1600km2 - This island has everything you'll need to get lost on. You better have a full fuel tank and compass to explore this behmouth. Whether it be huge tank battles in the deserts or Flying formation over the Eastern mountain ranges Australia has something for everyone.


Welcome to Australia the land of deserts and sweeping plains, rugged mountains and rainforests. Beaches that stretch as far as your Computers Viewdistance can handle. You can spend weeks exploring and never get bored!! 

I wanted to create something that gives players a feel for the size of Australia, On the Easten seaboard the island has mountain ranges that stretch for nearly 30Km north to south, On the western seaboard we have The Red Sandy deserts that Isolate Perth.  Some key Features below

  1.  Six Highly detailed Capital Cities (Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin) 
  2. Sydney Harbour Bridge made for the Island
  3. Hundreds of Km's of main and dirt roads
  4. 40Km x 40Km Land Mass 
  5. Many types of terrain to explore (Farmland, Pine forests, Deserts, bushland)
  6. Approx 1.5 Million objects 
  7. Fully optimized to cater for low spec computers, 
  8. Six Large airports along with 4 smaller landing fields.
  9. Lots of Arma3 Buildings 
  10. Plus loads more  :) 

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