Make Arma Not War


by Francisco Pereira (chacalik)

War Beyond the Horizon is a naval warfare total modification for Arma 3, wich aim to bring realism and dynamic gameplay for the sea conflicts based on games like Dangerous Waters, Fleet Command and AEGIS.



  • Command a Patrol Vessel, Frigate, Destroyer, Cruiser and Air Carrier with full power;
  • Administrate your ship crew and logistics;
  • Choose between AI (Singleplayer) and Friends (Multiplayer) to be the operators of the battle stations;
  • Navigate on the Altis litoral;
  • Battle against CSAT naval forces;
  • Use sensors to detect, identify, track and destroy targets;
  • Synchronized with Vanilla gameplay, you can command your ship while your friend is on the ground doing a mission;
  • Help your friends through air defense, missile defense, artillery support and transport;
  • Much more to be studied

Featuring Two New Campaigns

  • Episode 0 - Recognize

NATO forces prepare to leave the Altis island, the US navy 6th Fleet is withdrawing its forces from Aegean Sea and an unknown enemy came out from the mist. Unaware the  threat on the way, the elements of the last Strike Group in the Aegean Sea is hit from surprise. These events preceed the Campaign "Adapt" and aim to show what happened to the naval forces supporting the NATO occupation.

  • Episode 4 - Hold

After the NATO reinforcements arrive on Altis, only half of the battle was won. The CSAT naval forces still had supremacy over the Aegean Sea and was in the tail of the last USN ship that survived the big offensive. When all hope was lost, an unknown ally stepped out the mist with full power.

Many things will be added/removed/modified, but the main idea of the project is this.

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