Make Arma Not War



by Goblin

Spec-Ops, Black-Ops, You-Were-Never-Here-Ops... Behind enemy lines, in the most dangerous county in the world. 2035. C.I.A. Special Operations Group.


Make Arma Not War:  SpookWarCom


This project is NOT even close to being finished...

I should have started the application process months ago. I DID NOT know that it was going to be so complicated and we would need to go through Steam. Need 1 or 2 days just for that process alone.

I also was thinking I had to the end of October to finalize what I did have done. Which would be Friday the 31st. I'm typing this as I discovered while going through the sign-up process, that its due NOW, in a few hours, my time here in the U.S. on Monday.

I have ZERO chance of submitting a presentable entry...

I hope you like what I DO have done. You can search BIS Forums for my Project Threads for more info.

My "SpookWarCom" project was a modular project for role-playing a C.I.A. SAD/SOG Operative in 2035.

This project was HALO, Sniper, EOD, and a Diver System complete with a Mission Generator. The HALO, Sniper, and EOD have been released to the puplic for feedback. The Diver only has a Lockout-Chamber with Submarine Transport that was NOT released. The Mission Generator was also NOT released and in testing/building/editor.

I uploaded what little a can present, to my Dropbox.


~ R. Von Quest
 aka "Goblin"



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