Make Arma Not War


Arma 3 - Antistasi

by Barbolani

Arma 3 - Antistasi: A Dynamic Persistent Sandbox for SP - Infantry lovers.


You play the role of Pvt. Stavros, fighter of the FIA forces, which becomes the leader & commander of the attack ground forces in Stratis.

Mission features:

  • Totally dynamic: missions, enemy and friendly assets, positions, weather etc..
  • Around 15 Sidemissions, including convoys, defense, rescue, logistics and much more!
  • Resistance logistics: No "magic" unlimited weapons and ammo boxes. You need to gather resources, on whatever way, to equip your squad. You will have to earn every single bullet. Load ammoboxes content to any truck.
  • Restistance actions: Forget about supervehicles, armor, air forces. Your forces are the villagers tired of the CSAT domination! Only a right managed "guerrilla" strategy will lead you to victory. 
  • Earn prestige or threat level to discover new weapons, options and enemies. 
  • Persistent Savegame: You won't loose your game progression on mission updates. 
  • Experience the "Arma Combined Arms Experience" in a passive way. 
  • As random as possible: there are not two missions exactly the same. Anything may happen, anyway, anytime, anywhere.
  • Custom Music: Market Garden, check their Myspace.


  • UPSMon (Kronzky, Monsada and Cool=Azroul13)
  • Addon Free Stat Save System (zooloo75)
  • Dynamic Weather by tortuosit.

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