Make Arma Not War


by Tom Mortensen

Two Zeus' battle head to head over a corridor of Chernarus. Allowing real time orders via a commander unit with access to Zeus, allowing for a unique experience every game both on the ground, and top down. Utilising RHS release for a RU vs US all out battle.


Running from the inspiration for my other Zeus game mode, I had previously developed a pvp mode only on Stratis, running from the inspiration of one of the BI original game modes. In essence using this as a template I will open this up to a full scale war in a corridor of battle in Chernarus, by foot, track, wheel, and air. Utilising RHS: Escalation conversion mod as a baseline standard of awesomeness.

Picture this: 1 Zeus on each team, playing a commander role, pitched head to head over a 5x20km corridor of battle, ground forces (players) have to take and hold areas in the area of operation to gain greater tickets & resources for the Zeus' to use. Zeus' can also spawn AI units to defend towns (at specific costs) so real time players can move onwards. And much much more - with calculated costs of course.

This will be a ticket based conquest like mode with sector control in several hotspots of the map. Players can't just run up the map and capture a town next to the enemy base of instance, they must progress in a line of presidency (i.e. to capture C&D you must have A&B, to capture AO you must have C&D) - this concentrating the battle in the specific areas of operation, influence on objectives is key to capturing.

Roadmap of development


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