Make Arma Not War


by Mikero

Over a decade of producing a range of tools for the community such as extractpbo/makepbo and Eliteness with a host of format analysers and editing tools for wrp, wss , pew and p3ds All my tools remain backward compatible from the very first CWC demo island (poseiden) to arma3 and vbslite.


Approximately 30 different dos exe and windows gui applications exist on the website provided above. All tools have linux equivalents hosted by various 3rd parties such as

The heart of all exes is a single dll. Specifically dePbo.dll, which all exes use as their interface to access various aspects of the game engines (plural) and their addons in a uniform and consistent API.

The dll and it's exe's are constantly maintained and improved as new engines from bis are integrated into it (the dll)

It is rare for the exe (such as extractpbo) to be revised. Revisions to the dll happen frequently.

Most, if not all, people from the community, use my tools as a mandatory requirement to produce their creations. Creating Arma3 pbo's with pboProject which has savage errror checking, to moving entire pbo's to other folders, analyzing p3d's for special lods (using Eliteness) or simply extracting skeletons and model.cfgs from them.

I would like to be considered for the 'Total Modification' as it seems entirely appropriate after a decade of service to the community and bis.

My eula states 'you may use my tools for any purpose whatsoever'. If you win this competition using my tools (and you will be),  I have no claim on your prizemoney. You earned it.


none i can think of. All source is provided on the website. The tools themselves come packaged in easy-to-apply self installers.



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