Make Arma Not War


VR Fortress

by Denis Karpov

In this SP\MP mission you can build your own fortress from various blocks and objects! Place some AI guards if you want and run siege simulation. Waves of enemies will attack you from all possible directions! All parameters are configurable. The mission available in Russian, English and French :)


Virtual Reality Fortress

Create your own fortress! Fight against the enemy! Survive all waves and celebrate your victory! And don't forget to say "thanks" to fortress builded by you which saved your live so many times.

- Available in English, Russian and French (thanks killeurzombi72!)
- VAS and Virtual Arsenal support
- Perks system (9 perks now)
- Killstreaks feature (there are 4 different KS now)
- Tickets system (you can give yourself 999 tickets if you want)
- Spectator mode for those who died in one of these epic battles
- Ability to spawn various blocks&objects to build a fortress of your dreams
- Fully save & load compatible : build your stronghold once and replay it as many times as you want or share it with community
- Endless mode : no respawns, limited ammo, a lof of enemies, true hardcore
- Good atmospheric music

P.S. You can save your fort to .txt file either to share it with somebody or to download it back later.

When you done with your fortress, press 0-0-0 and prepare for battle! :)


"3DMarkers" script by BrotherhoodOfHam
"Generate Random VR Urban Area" script by Zenophon
"SHK Pos" library by Shuko
"Modified Kegetys' spectator script" by Ollem
"Virtual Ammobox System (VAS)" by Tonic

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