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[R3F] AiComTarget

by {R3F} Mapoule

[R3F] AiComTarget : Light, Simple but Rough !!! Improve AI's behaviour, fighting skill and player detection


Another AI’s modification addon ? HELL YEAH !
What’s different between this one and the others of the same kind ?
Well, this one doesn’t snooze, doesn’t make coffee, isn’t an agenda, and doesn’t even do any lightsaber’s sound.
It simply isn’t a labyrinthine system : why would we do something complex when we can make it really simple ?
AIComTarget is just light and efficient.
The main goal of AIComTarget is to make AI react to player’s fireshots.
With this addon, AI’s behaviour is quite stunning : smart manoeuvre, suppressive fire, results are amazing !
Players must now anticipate the consequences of a firefight because they now face reals warriors who does not hesitate to use suppressive fire, throw grenades, embush and circle.
You will curse the author of an accidental shot.
A little explanation : AI who are near the autor of a shot are warned with more or less precision.
This precision depends on parameters like distance, kind of weapon (silencers, etc.), time, etc.
Once AI is aware of an enemy presence, they do their job with high skill values.
This addon is based on scripting commands like “knowsAbout” and “reveal”. The load is 90% done by clients, datas are transmitted to the server and executed trough functions.
Low ressources, no freezes nor FPS drops, even with a lot of players.

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