Make Arma Not War


by SaOk

Dynamic Whole Map SP mission focusing on smooth performance, offering wide customization options and full freedom for gameplay in random generated world events that react on players actions. Where ever you go, there is life and events to see. Switch anytime between team-leader or undercover agent


  • GATHER - Collect items from houses and store any gear you find for later use
  • BUILD - Create your own populated posts and bases, draw walls, place special structures
  • CUSTOMIZE GEAR - Use what you have gathered to carry any weapons and clothing using custom gear selecting.
  • MOD SUPPORT - Use any weapon/clothing/unit/vehicle/chopper/plane addons you want
  • FREEDOM - Be soldier or undercover agent, use any vehicles. Play stealth or rambo
  • COMMUNICATE - Improve local relationships toward civilians by commiting tasks/other ways
  • GET RESOURCES - Get stronger by establishing factories, piers, powerplants...
  • CONQUER - Capture camps, guardposts and resource sources to weak the enemy movement locally before capturing the whole island
  • CALL SUPPORT - Take cover, call help and strike back
  • COMMAND - Lead using High Command and Custom Map Commander mode, or let AI do it
  • EXPERIENCE STORY - Find extra atmosphere from cinema and story-written tasks (early WIP)
  • 20h > PLAYTIME - Custom savegame function allowing to continue progress after updates

Mission is 3rd party free as default but custom voice-acting and music tracks can be installed from separate optional addon. You can find it from withSix (easy install) or official website/thread (manual install). Later also probably from Steam Workshop.

Addon Credits: Extra Music Tracks by Victor "[FR] Helios" Ragot, Voices by Benjamin "Jin" Pratt and "Zafjr"



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